Doing things the hard way (as usual)

I decided that it was finally time to actually be an active participant on the web again after a substantial break (since the WWC Intro to Engineering page, though calling that ‘participating’ is a stretch).  The easy (and normal) thing to do would’ve been to sign up with one of the zillions of totally free and totally adequate blog hosts.  However, due to a variety of reasons I’m compelled to host it myself.  (Overactive DIYness, owning a domain, VPS with plenty of unused bandwitdh, and a mild dose of paranoia.)  Naturally, the first temptation is to build out my own content management system; however, knowing myself, and that content management really isn’t that interesting to me, it’d never get done.   A very informal survey of the various popular options (Drupal, WordPress, Typo) indicated that WordPress was the way to go: focus is on managing silly little posts, open source, free (as in libre), free (as in beer), has an Ubuntu package, and apparently easy to install (the claim is 5 minutes). Read More »