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New (To Me) Languages – Haskell

In the movie Hoosiers, if I remember correctly, the basketball coach holds up a basketball and declares that it represents all there is know about basketball. He then makes a dot on it with a marker and declares that the dot to represents how much his team knows about basketball. Cut the dot in half, […]

New (To Me) Languages – Prolog

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted; part of the reason is that I’ve devoted some of my off hours to becoming more familiar with a couple of programming languages, Prolog and Haskell. However, the most of the reason is laziness. I did start a post on what is wrong with the infrastructure of the web […]

Reverse Engineering for Fun and… Fun

I’ve started a couple of rant posts in the last month… unfortunately I wasn’t able to sustain the anger long enough to finish them. So, while waiting to get worked up again, proggit came through with a link to is dedicated to hosting software written by other ‘reversers’ that is completely legal to […]

Forwards compatible, sort of

Whilst fooling around with Dr. Brain last week, I stumbled across an somewhat interesting piece of forwards compatibility. According to here, the typical Windows program can be executed ‘successfully’ under MS-DOS (yeah, yeah, citation needed). Apparently, Windows programs really contain two executable formats, one wrapped in another. The outer most format is the ‘MZ’ executable […]

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

Some (indirect) good times with an old game.