Reverse Engineering for Fun and… Fun

I’ve started a couple of rant posts in the last month… unfortunately I wasn’t able to sustain the anger long enough to finish them. So, while waiting to get worked up again, proggit came through with a link to is dedicated to hosting software written by other ‘reversers’ that is completely legal to reverse engineer and crack. With the various posts rated by difficulty, it’s perfect for someone casual (like me) to spend a few hours getting inside an application to figure out how it works while not violating the DMCA.

I’ve only ‘cracked’ two so far: ncn and jandepora. Neither turned out to be all that difficult, but they sufficiently scratched my itch. (The latter was actually kinda of clever in an obfuscation sense; it makes good use of fork() and pipe().)

Definitely check out if your software reverse engineering itch needs scratching.

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