Monthly Archives: August 2009

How the Xbox was hacked

A quite detailed and seemingly comprehensive account of how the Xbox (not the Xbox 360) security was hacked: The exploitation of the legacy x86 ‘features’ is a particularly big facepalm. In addition to not being aware of their security implications, why are those sorts of things still in the x86 architecture?

File associations – Linux has ’em. Who knew?

Just about any user of Windows is aware (at some level) of its file associations that allow ‘execution’ of data files – that is, the associated application is run which then loads the ‘executed’ data file. This functionality appears to be implemented at a fairly low level; not only can you double click on a […]

Forwards compatible, sort of

Whilst fooling around with Dr. Brain last week, I stumbled across an somewhat interesting piece of forwards compatibility. According to here, the typical Windows program can be executed ‘successfully’ under MS-DOS (yeah, yeah, citation needed). Apparently, Windows programs really contain two executable formats, one wrapped in another. The outer most format is the ‘MZ’ executable […]

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

Some (indirect) good times with an old game.

Doing things the hard way (as usual)

Less than good times with PHP and Postfix.